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Hands down Redolence has been the best scent I have ever used on Lake Simcoe. We tested it fishing for jumbo perch and we had our best day ever. This stuff works!

Mike P, Gilford

When you first open the container you get a really strong smell of fish. I think that is why it works so well. Whitefish and Burbot were hitting our lures even when we were not jigging them. I was never a believer in scent until I tried Redolence!

Jeremy S - Bracebridge

We brought some Redolence Bait Fish Glow to our annual Temagami fishing trip early 2020. A quick charge with a UV light and the scent looked radioactive it glowed so strong. Absolutely amazing lake trout scent. I wouldn't fish Temagami again without it.

Claude M - Huntsville

The machined gas caps are AWESOME. The quality of the machining is excellent. Perfect for a roadie drink. I noticed the caps hold gans and bottles so that was a bonus. Gone are the days of balancing a can on your seat!

Corey M - Midland

I ordered a set of the custom tracks. They are extremely heavy and strong. Absolutely no twisting. These are the best tracks I have seen in Canada. I would compare these to Traxstech or Cisco's but BETTER! Worked out way cheaper as I did not have to pay the over the border shipping.

Trevor P, Mississauaga

I watched Kevin's Gripper Invitational salmon video and decided to order some grippers and some of the glow scent. We went from catching 1 fish a trip to 5 fish a trip. Thanks again for your videos and scent!

Michael L - Barrie

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