Flat Rate of $12 Shipping in Ontario


With the release of the Goby we knew we would sell out quick, and we did. We made baits around the clock for 2 days in preparation for our restocking of the Fox Fishing Simcoe Goby. We assumed that the first order would have given most people some goby to try and we would have a week's worth of stock for the site. Well word travels quick about the amazing Goby and how it is just slamming fish on simcoe. It currently has caught the largest Simcoe Walleye, and Burbut this year and this has made it very popular.

When we logged into the site there were hundreds of customers waiting for the restock! Not only that customers prefilled there shopping carts waiting for stock to arrive. At 8:30pm EST the Goby were restocked. By 8:32 the Dark sold out, 8:33 the light goby sold out, and by 8:35 the green Goby was sold out. In 5 minutes every goby was sold and customers were still wanting more.

Absolutely incredible! We have upped production and will continue to push out Goby's to give everyone who wants to try one, the chance to experience this amazing bait. 

Thank you again for your support and it is absolutely amazing to hear so many people say they have gone from catching 1 whitefish a day to 8 because of the Fox Fishing Simcoe Goby!

This Goby is truly the bait that broke Lake Simcoe!


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