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Lyle Lilley 

Lyle is an amazing river fisherman who specializes in center pinning and stream fishing. He creates his own spinners which are deadly on the rivers. If he is not out on the river smashing Steelhead he is targeting Whitefish, Musky and Lake Trout. Lyle is an extremely diverse multi species angler comfortable fishing in all seasons.

Instagram: @Y2b_Reelfishing

 Jesse Whalen

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Instagram: @fishingwithginger

Jeff and Mik travel across Ontario searching out the best bite and the largest fish. They are extreme river anglers and can be found far north up on the Sioux or down South on the Mighty Niagara. Jeff and Mik have caught more more fish in the last year then many anglers will ever catch in their lifetime.     
Instagram: @Reelnautiangling

Spencer Grieves

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Instagram: @


Keith is a BASS fanatic. Keith studies the transitional patterns, and feeding habits of both Smallmouth and Largemouth bass all year. He enjoys Bass tournaments and is often seen ripping across Georgian Bay doing 60+ mph in 3-4 foot waves. If it is a tournament day for Bass on Georgian Bay and you see an Orange Alumacraft flying in the air I guarantee it is Keith!


Stu is a professional kayak angler from Penetanguishene Ontario. Stu competes in the Ontario Kayak Bass Trail and the Ontario Kayak Bassmasters. If he is not on the Kayak trail competing you can find him on the local rivers and lakes smashing huge largemouth bass!

Instagram: @Georgian_Bay_Bassin


Logan Daly

Logan is a multi species angler proficient in fishing Pike, Bass, Salmon, Whitefish, Walleye and Trout. Logan is just as comfortable fishing the hard water as he is on the open water. The stronger the fighting the fish, the more Logan will target it!

Instagram: @dalyfishing

Chris Cliche

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Instagram: @


If you are interested in a Pro Staff position please email us with your fishing Resume. The key components we look for when selecting a Pro Staff are:
  • Media Presence
  • Practice Catch and Release (Trophy/Breeder fish)
  • Personality/Likeability
  • Overall obsession/passion for fishing
  • Multi Angler or Specialized species angler
  • Multi Season fisherman or fisherwoman

If this sounds like you then we urge you to apply and we look forward to hearing from you. Good Luck